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[Video] Akeem Ali Delivers Double Feature Soul Throwbacks w/ “Black Velvet” x “I Wanna Roll”

Akeem Ali drops 2 new visuals ahead of D.E.A.D. EP.

It’s a busy week Akeem Ali, who’s showing how prolific his output can be with the release of “Indian Giver” three days ago, and now a double feature of 70s soul inspired visuals with “Black Velvet” and “I Wanna Roll.”

Reverting back into his Superfly-inspired “Keemy Casanova” persona, “I Wanna Roll” finds Ali cruising the streets for nightlife fun with a doe-eyed beauty by his side. And true to the era the track pulls from, there’s no autotune needed with Ali’s crooning on the chorus. While “I Wanna Roll” is more about the nightlife vibes, “Black Velvet” champions the power of the pimp’s slick talk as he inspires his harem to hit the block again after a long night of tricking.

Suga Free is somewhere smiling. Akeem Ali’s latest project, Do Em All Dirty (D.E.A.D.), hits streaming platforms tomorrow (November 19).

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