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[Interview] Res Reflects on 20th Anniversary of “How I Do” and Confirms New Album ‘Reset” Coming in 2022

Res commemorates the 20th anniversary of her classic debut in this exclusive interview!

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Res’ seminal debut How I Do. A collaborative effort with producer Martin “Doc” McKinney and a then unknown Santigold, How I Do quickly became a cult favorite amongst devoted fans for its Billboard charting singles (“Golden Boys,” “They Say Vision”) and eclectic mix of soul, rock, punk and pop.

In this exclusive interview, Res goes provides a deep dive on the album’s origins as a demo tape with childhood friend Santigold, how the album’s completion caused their falling out, and Res’ plans for new vinyls, remixes and a remastered edition commemorate the 20th anniversary.

Res also gives her some never before discussed information on her family’s organized crime roots and on how a freed up legal situation has cleared the way for her previously shelved Reset album to be released in 2022.

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