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ATL Horror Film Festival 2020 Day 2 Recap: Beware of Attics, Blood Relatives and Bad Candy

Two full-length features spotlight Day 2

FEATURE FILM #2: BAD CANDY (Scott Hansen, Desiree Connell, USA)

Bad Candy introduces us to New Salem, a community built on myth and the supernatural. The town’s annual Psychotronic FM Halloween radio show serves as the film’s narrating base. Although a full-length feature, multiple horror-style vignettes occur throughout the night. And unlike most films in this vein, characters from early on make cameos later, making the viewer realize we’re building to an important finish.

The other unifying force is the slasher-like clown that claims various victims in macabre ways. Other stories feature vigilante army buddies who clear the streets of pimps and dealers (which a little help from a Jeepers Creepers style monster), and a girl whose drawings come alive to protect her from an abusive father.

Although some stories aren’t as engaging (Spoiler highlight ->the necrophiliac “nurse” comes to mind), the variety of characters and the final tie-in to the radio hosts themselves makes this gory and fun ride.

Bad Candy stars Slipknot lead vocalist Corey Taylor and Zach Galligan (Gremlins, Hatchet 3).

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      1. As you’ve likely noticed, I do my best to review every film and have done so for several years. In addition, I am a judge with another prominent Atlanta horror festival called the Buried Alive Film Festival. Therefore, when technology mishaps happen (sound, visual etc), which is always an unfortunate possibility with any event, I make sure to do everything possible to view the affected work in full before I publish a written review. Also, I strive to accommodate filmmaker concerns when feasible, as I did when I spoke with your colleague Desiree last Friday.

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