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ATL Horror Film Festival 2020 Day 2 Recap: Beware of Attics, Blood Relatives and Bad Candy

Two full-length features spotlight Day 2


Ex-cons have it hard trying reintegrate back into every day life. Their record is a constant reminder of past mistakes and the higher consequences should they again find themselves on the wrong side of the law. Here, we find three ex-cons who realized there’s strength in numbers and banded together to create a movers service. All was going well until they meet a brooding client who’s not only hiding his sinister identity, but also nefarious secrets throughout the home.

Stay Out the F**king Attic takes two risks that pay off well. One, much time is spent early on with the ex-cons’s back stories and personalities courtesy of their work banter and overall great chemistry. We have the everyday man in Carlos (Bryce Fernelius) trying to now do right by his daughter, the outspoken Imani (Morgan Alexandria) who fiercely guards her independence, and the stoic leader Schillinger (Ryan Francis), who’s looking to atone for past wrongs that become more clear as time progresses (first seen by the nature of his tattoos).

Second, the film decides to go with a low body count and focuses on not just the physical but psychological horrors their captor (and various minions) inflict. The poster image contains the most visually striking character who becomes a symbol of redemptive sacrifice for our trio.

While a few more creatures would’ve great, Stay Out of the F**king Attic does well in using historical figures and history to breathe new life into old monsters that should never be forgotten.


      1. As you’ve likely noticed, I do my best to review every film and have done so for several years. In addition, I am a judge with another prominent Atlanta horror festival called the Buried Alive Film Festival. Therefore, when technology mishaps happen (sound, visual etc), which is always an unfortunate possibility with any event, I make sure to do everything possible to view the affected work in full before I publish a written review. Also, I strive to accommodate filmmaker concerns when feasible, as I did when I spoke with your colleague Desiree last Friday.

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