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Beastie Boys’ documentary, ‘Beastie Boys Story’ highlights growth and maturity

Beastie Boys' documentary, "Beastie Boys Story" highlights both their growth and maturity.

Beastie Boys’ documentary, “Beastie Boys Story” highlights both their growth and maturity.

Ad-Rock (Adam Horovitz) and Mike D (Mike Diamond) reunite with director Spike Jonze for a retelling of their musical journey. Featuring surviving members, Adam Horovitz and Michael Diamond, the performance is in tribute to the third member, Adam Yauch, who died of cancer in 2012.

Based on the best-selling book “Beastie Boys Book,” co-written by Jonze, the duo fills in the gaps on their journey to maturity. Beginning as a novelty rap group under the tutelage of Russell Simmons. Prisoners of their own self-made persona, the trio survive financial mishaps, drug use and industry corruption to reinvent themselves. Not to mention betrayal by those closest to them since inception.

Following the success of their debut album, “Licensed to Ill,” they explain in depth the difficulty of reinventing themselves. After more than a year of touring, the band struggled to create the same success as the first album. Most notably their unsuccessful second album “Paul’s Boutique.” From there, the band reevaluated their direction to release “Check Your Head” and “Ill Communication.” Both of which were commercial successes putting the group back at the forefront of music. Thanks in no small part to the work of Spike Jonze.

Ultimately it is the band’s remembrance of their lost band member Yauch, aka MCA, that is most touching. Recounting the depth of his intelligence and creativity as the driving force behind the work. The group emotionally discusses Yauch’s evolution from a habitual drug to a Buddist convert and organizer for the Tibetan Independence movement. Tearful and emotional, both Horovitz and Diamond count down instances where the group would not exist if not for MCA. Ultimately, enthusiasts will find the Beastie Boys’ documentary as a source for filling in the gaps of their journey.

“Beastie Boys Story” is available TODAY on Apple TV+ 

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