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Gab with Gwen Ep. 43 ft. Ismael AbduSalaam: COVID-19, Middle Class Fragility and the “American Psyche”

BeatsBoxingMayhem meets the Gab with Gwen podcast to discuss politics, media and the U.S. landscape.

With boxing on the shelf and music moving at a snail’s pace, I had the opportunity to return to the Gab with Gwen podcast discuss America’s fractured political and social landscape.

With an estimated 25% of the U.S. economy vaporized by COVID-19, we review the potential impact on the upcoming presidential election, Biden’s rape accusation, and whether Sanders’ policies will be seen in a new light. Also, we delve into the uptick in racism against Asian-Americans, the shattering of the middle-class illusion, and if the latter truly matters due to the short-term memory of the American psyche.

Tune in below or wherever you find your favorite podcasts.

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