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iBeFoolynn Continues Classics Run with Tupac “Temptations” Remix

iBeFoolynn salutes Tupac with Temptations remix.

If the name iBeFoolynn sounds familiar, it means you’ve been plugged into social media the last few years. The young singer/rapper/comedian went viral with her first single, the tongue-in-cheek sidechick anthem “Piece of Yo Love” (a slick flip of Guy’s “Piece of My Love”). Later morphing into an online challenge, the track is currently sitting at 10 million views on YouTube and countless more across Twitter and other platforms.

But behind the jokes is a young woman with a deep appreciation for classic Hip-Hop, as evidenced by her more serious follow-ups. She used the beloved 90s sitcom Living Single as theme for her freestyle over Total’s “Can’t You See.” iBeFoolyn’s ambition grew and she took on the Bridge Wars to drop bars on “Tread Carefully,” done over the instrumental to KRS-One’s classic diss “The Bridge Is Over.”

Now, she gets back in singing form for the new track “Valentine 365.” For those of a certain age that grew up in the New York Tri-State area, this will take you back to the various DJ blend tracks that were a mixtape staple throughout the 90s. And unlike previous songs from the singer, this is less aggressive and more romantic (at least until the end…).

“C,mon, nah‼️ You can’t deny that 90s R&B vibe,” said iBeFoolyn. “Never thought I’d be brave enough to remake a Pac song but real love has a funny way of Inspiring you to be able to do anything! First mushy song I’ve ever made. Shoutout to M.O.B Period!”

Keep up with iBeFoolyn’s work on IG and YouTube.

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