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[Video] ‘Black Widow’ Makes It a Family Affair in Teaser Trailer

The Black Widow brings back those good Winter Solider vibes...


Black Widow’s journey concluded in this year’s Avengers: End Game, but her story in many ways is just beginning with the official teaser for her 2020 full-length feature.

For those who loved the spy thriller atmosphere and frenetic hand to hand combat of Winter Soldier, Black Widow appears to be the worthy successor with sprinkles of Atomic Blonde and the Bourne series. Plot-wise, a contentious reunion with Natasha’s “sister” Yelena Bolova, played by Florence Pugh, let’s us know there are lingering family issues to resolve. Maybe Scarlett Johannsson’s much-maligned Russian accent is the origin of their beef?

Speaking of family issues, the comic relief will be supplied by Red Guardian (David Harbour), who makes a big splash here as a gregarious former soldier looking for one last shot at glory. With an origin story that portrays him as the Russian answer to Captain America AND being Black Widow’s ex-husband, there’s a lot of room here for Marvel’s trademark one-liners.

The one hiccup here is the appearance of the Taskmaster. Those not familiar with the character may recall him making Spiderman’s life a living hell last year in the PS4 video game. Below is the video-game version compared to what we saw in today’s trailer.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

While I’m sure his fighting prowess will translate, his movie appearance is very generic to the level of a Power Rangers cosplay. Hopefully, we get a suit upgrade during the film.

Black Widow hits theaters in May 2020.

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