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[Video] Founder Ismael AbduSalaam Joins Odell’s Round Table to Discuss Making a Writing Career in Hip-Hop and Boxing

My full appearance on Odell's Roundtable discussing my journey in boxing and Hip-Hop.


Yours truly is the special guest this week on Odell’s Round Table discussing my professional journey as a boxing and music journalist. We touch on everything from my upbringing to how I received my big break writing for way back in 2007. Odell also hits me with a few curve ball questions on the state of journalism, Floyd Mayweather’s legacy and which boxing and rap legends have similar career outcomes.

For those looking to learn more about the diverse professionals of Atlanta’s music and art scene, Odell’s Round Table is a unparalleled resource. You can check out his past guest list and subscribe HERE. You can also follow him on Twitter and IG at @artbyodell.

Watch our full two-part interview below.


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