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Tory Lanez Returns Fire at Don Q with “Don Queen,” Then Takes Aim at J.I.D and Dreamville

"But how did I get in this battle with A Boogie's shadow?"


A little over 48 hours after Don Q fired the first shots with “I’m Not Joyner,” Tory Lanez is back in the booth to meet another challenge.

While Don Q went heavy with the battle bars, Lanez slowed down his rapid-fire flow so you can catch all his disrespectful quips.

DreamDoll caught a stray with Lanez using her as a prop to display Q’s alleged simpish ways.

You paid DreamDoll for a feature to get the pussy
And somehow you think you fuckin’ with me
The first night I seen DreamDoll I fucked her for free
And now you walk around like somehow you got one up on me
Nigga please, this your brother part

Later, Lanez throws in a deceased friend of Q’s for good measure.

You wrote a tape for your nigga that died
You made a promise it would pop and that the shit would be live
Hurts that you had to tell my nigga a lie
‘Cause that mixtape flopped and so did your other five

Here the track below and decide who’s ahead after round one. Personally, it’s still even for me. Q had more creative and technical bars, but Tory’s one-liners and more theatrical presentation have the people captivated (talking).

If Lanez is truly done with Don Q, he isn’t resting on his laurels. The brief Twitter exchange below indicates he’s ready for J.I.D to defend Dreamville’s honor.


Let the lyrical warfare continue…

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