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Beautiful Artistry: Nas and Swizz Beatz Paint Cosmic Pictures in “Echo” Video

Nas and Swizz head to the MORI building digital art museum to bring "Echo" to life.


I’ll say it again like I did when this song first dropped — give me that Nas and Swizz Beatz album. For the video, the pair venture to a digital art museum where the visuals alternate between mystical waterfalls, somber blue-hued lamps and a striking all-white landscape.

These images fit perfectly with the dream-like quality of Nas’s lyrics as he recounts memories of his upbringing and surrounding community. It’s simultaneously a celebration and lamentation of a bygone area and yet another example of how untouchable Nas is when inspired.

One last time — get that completed Nas/Swizz Beatz album in our hands ASAP.

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