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Meek Mill Gets in Championship Form over “Back to Back” and “Incarcerated Scarfaces” on Funk Flex #Freestyle118″

Meek is back on Funk Flex to kick freestyles over "Back to Back" and "Incarcerated Scarfaces."


If you would have told me three years ago that Meek would ever freestyle over “Back to Back,” I’d have laughed you out the room. But here we are in 2018 and Meek Mill is basking in the glow of his new album Championships. Before going to work with these bars around the 3:55 mark, he talks about squashing his beef with Drake and later discusses making amends with Game.

When you have peace in your life like Meek does, the old issues don’t matter. The older heads even get a treat when Meek spits a few bars over the classic “Incarcerated Scarfaces.”

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