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Penny Dreadful Gets Resurrected for a Fourth Season

Penny Dreadful is back in a new setting and time.


If we’ve learned anything from three seasons of Penny Dreadful, it’s that death is not final. The hit supernatural show is being resurrected by Showtime for a fourth season set in 1930s  Los Angeles entitled Penny Dreadful: City of Angels.

Referenced in the official press release as the “spiritual descendant” of the previous seasons, the show will feature an entirely new cast and focus on Mexican-American folklore and social issues from the era. The supernatural elements will feature a conflict between Santa Muerte, the living personification of death in Mexican folk Catholicism, and agents of Satan. The historical setting aims to bring to life the “real world political, religious, social and racial issues” of 1938 Los Angeles.

Returning to the project is series creator, writer and executive producer John Logan. Joining him in executive producing duties is Michael Aguilar (Kidding).

“We were so thrilled when John Logan came to us with this wildly original take on the Penny Dreadful mythology that explores both the human spirit and the spirit world here in California,” Levine said. “Penny Dreadful: City of Angels promises to be an extraordinary saga of familial love set against the terrifying monsters that are around us and within us.”

Penny Dreadful’s surprise June 2016 cancellation shocked fans, who weren’t made aware of the move until the final moments of the season three finale. The series earned 13 Primetime Emmy nominations and a Golden Globe nomination for lead actress Eva Green as Vanessa Ives.

Production for season four is will begin in 2019.


Be careful what you wish for. Like most Dreadfuls, I felt the cancellation of the show was a mistake, especially with the introduction of intriguing new figures like Dracula and Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde. There was so much more story to tell and Eva Green and Rory Kinnear’s work in season three was completely masterful. This makes the forthcoming season bittersweet as none of these characters nor the Victorian Era London will be returning. Will it even feel like the same show?

I do have a bit hope since John Logan is back. And I must admit the idea of Satan returning and having a Mexican entity as an adversary leaves the door open for other mythical monsters and urban legends.

Let’s pray Vanessa Ives’ death wasn’t in vain.


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