Lil Wayne x Drake – “Family Feud”

Talk about stealing someone's thunder...


Talk about stealing someone’s thunder. On that same day that Jay Z and Beyonce drop their TIDAL exclusive video for “Family Feud,” Lil Wayne and Drake pounce on the track for the former’s Dedication 6 project. Drake’s verse is notable for backing his mentor in his legal war against Birdman and Universal (I’m thinking of paying Wayne what Universal owes/ My nigga spent a lifetime going platinum and gold/┬áHe should own half the label/ Shit outta control…”) and sending an olive branch to Meek (Too long like a sentence from a Philly judge/ Fuck is the point in all the beefing when we really blood?) .

Speaking of Wayne, he floats over this one and will have his loyal fans reminiscing on his 2006-2008 run. No one wins when the family feuds? For tonight, Drake and Wayne are.

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