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Diego De La Hoya Passes Test with Dominate UD Over Caballero

De La Hoya dominates Caballero.


Photo Credit: Hogan Photos

In what became a grudge match after a contentious weigh-in, Diego De La Hoya bruised up and outclassed a game Randy Caballero on the Canelo-GGG undercard.

Even with a 10-pound weight advantage, De La Hoya was the faster man. He peppered Caballero with quick inside combinations off the backfoot. By the third, Caballero was already sporting an angry mouse under his left eye. When Caballero tried to apply pressure in the fifth, De La Hoya hurt and drove him into the ropes with uppercuts to the body and left hooks upstairs.

Caballero threw up his hands in frustration at the end of the sixth, signaling he was out of answers. De La Hoya’s heavier hands carried the later rounds despite Caballero continuing to come forward.  Caballero was briefly wobbled in the eighth by a left hook to the body and staggered several times in the ninth from repeated right hands.

Final scorecards read 100-90 and 98-92 twice. Caballero suffers his first defeat (24-1) and a major setback after only his third fight in the last 19 months. De La Hoya improves to 20-0.


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