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[Video] Gennady Golovkin Talks Jacobs, His First Loss, Ward Negotiations, Canelo and More on The Breakfast Club

Gennady Golovkin visits The Breakfast Club to talk Danny Jacobs, Mayweather and more.


Gennady Golovkin made a surprise appearance this morning on The Breakfast Club. The middleweight champion talked extensively about needing the Canelo fight, past negotiations with Andre Ward, Danny Jacobs and even his last boxing defeat.┬áHe also dispelled a ridiculous rumor that he was “holding back” in the Kell Brook fight.

An interesting point he made was that fighting Jacobs has renewed his interest in boxing. For the last year, he said the lack of dangerous opponent had lowered his passion for the sport. Regarding Canelo, he said he’s talking too much and could make the fight if he truly wanted it.

K2 Promotions promised to go all-out in promoting this fight and they’re living up to their word. Not many fighters have graced The Breakfast Club and this is great to help build pay-per-view interest. Hopefully Jacobs, as a Brooklyn native, can get a spot as well in the next month.

Golovkin-Jacobs will air on HBO pay-per-view March 18.


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