[Video] Annalé Mixes Soul and Pop on “Roses”

Posted: November 2, 2016 by Ismael AbduSalaam in Music News
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People who really love music don’t care how it’s packaged or presented, they want to know if you can sing, if you can move them.  That’s why I create music, not to follow the culture norms, but to re-imagine them.

Los Angeles-based Annalé is catching the attention of R&B fans with her rising ballad “Roses,” which currently sits at #19 on the Billboard Adult R&B charts. If you heard the song before seeing the musician, you might be downright shocked that a Korean singer could sound so soulful. But with her classical training as a presidential scholar at Berklee College of Music, Annalé has spent much of her life shattering stereotypes.

“Roses” has received placements in movie theaters and commercials, making it a strong lead-in for her self-titled debut that’s pending for the end of the year. Keep on the look out for her next single which will feature Mint Condition frontman Stokley Williams.



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