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Bobby Shmurda Takes Plea in Murder Conspiracy Case, Gets Seven Year Sentence

Bobby Shmurda's fate is decided...


Bobby Shmurda agreed to a guilty plea in his murder conspiracy trial and has received a seven year sentence today, TMZ reports.

Shmurda, who’s been in prison since December 2014, was the most prominent of 15 co-defendants indicted as members of the Brooklyn-based GS9 crew. Authorities dismantled the group with arrests on charges ranging from drug dealing to murder.

The deal required Shmurda to plead guilty to conspiracy to possess weapons and possession of a weapon. With the other charges dismissed, the Brooklyn rapper will get credit for the 20 months he’s served and receive 5 years probation.


Life comes at you fast. Two years ago, Bobby has a hit record and major label backing. Today he’s looking at spending the majority of his 20s in prison. But considering he was facing life, there is hope for his future. He’ll be out of jail before 30, and hopefully can turn his life around. As for his Hip-Hop career, we’ve seen plenty of reinventions so it’s possible we haven’t heard the last of him on the mic.

If so, I’d recommend a name change.


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