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Joey Bada$$ Counters Troy Ave Diss w/ “5 Fingers of Death” Freestyle

Joey Bada$$ fires back at Troy Ave on "5 Fingers of Death"


Joey Bada$$ – I desTROY AVErage rappers…

The beef between Joey Bada$$ and Troy Ave got extremely personal earlier this month when the latter made a diss record disparaging the suicide of Pro Era’s Capitol Steez. Joey remained quiet about making a response until his appearance today on Sway In the Morning. The timing couldn’t be better as Troy Ave continued the disrespect by dropping a video today for his “Badass” diss.

From a lyrical standpoint, you’d be hard-pressed to rule in Troy’s favor. Over some classic beats, Joey was quick and vicious in dismissing Troy’s merits as an emcee.

The drama won’t let up

You reap what you sow

Men lie, women lie, numbers sure don’t

Got the whole Beast Coast coming for your skull

The karma gon’ catch up

The album sales wont…

He took a leap of faith and it only brightened his light
you took a cheap shot at hating and it only shortened your life
Difference between you and him is he live forever
you be the first to die who nobody ever remembers
cuz they city never needed you ever
you committed career suicide and made new York better

I gave you one line

You made a whole song

Here’s some more lines

You’ll be working year-long…


Aside from lyrics, I liked the subliminal shots they both took in their presentation. Troy, despite the awkward intro disclaimer, was definitely making a statement by shooting his video on a roof, as Steez ended his life by jumping off one. And Joey made it clear who’s more skilled by leaving his phone face down, something Troy infamously couldn’t do while on Sway’s show.

Joey takes this round 10-8 on my card.


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