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Elzhi – “Introverted”


One day before he drops his new album Lead Poison (March 25), Elzhi unleashes his elite lyricism for all the introverts out there. In less than three minutes, Elzhi addresses fears of social settings, being “trapped” in your own mind, and how he found the strength to do this album in isolation. After the track, check out the project’s full tracklisting.


Tracklisting And Credits for Elzhi’s Lead Poison:

1.)  “Medicine Man” (produced by Nick Speed)

2.)  “Introverted” (produced by Bombay)

3.)  “Weedipedia” (produced by Bombay)

4.)  “February” (produced by 14KT)

5.)  “Egocentric” (produced by Quelle Chris)

6.)  “Two 16’s” (produced by Karriem Riggins)

7.)  “Hello!!!!!” (produced by Soledad Brother)

8.)  “FriendZone” (produced by Oh No)

9.)  “The Healing Process” (produced by Joself)

10.) “Cloud” (produced by Bombay)

11.) “Alienated” f/ Smitty (produced by Joself)

12.) “She Sucks” f/ Chris Dave & The Drumhedz (produced by Agor)

13.) “CoSIGN” f/ Skonie (produced by 14KT)

14.) “MisRight” (produced by Bombay)

15.) “The Turning Point” f/ A Poem By Thabisile Griffin (produced by 14KT)

16.) “Keep Dreaming” (produced by Bombay)

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