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Jay Electronica Takes Aim at Kendrick and 50 Cent on “Curse of Mayweather”

Now this is a battle I could get excited about...


The Son of Man is back with an ax to grind. Jay Electronica adopts the persona of a returning savior as he takes lyrical aim at Kendrick Lamar and 50 Cent on his new track “Curse of Mayweather.” Jay and 50 have been trading some barbs for the past few weeks, with 50 seemingly getting the last word by stating he had no idea who Jay Elec was. In addition to the song, Jay had some choice tweets for 50 as well.


As for Kendrick, we have no idea what the core issue is. From the lyrics, you get the feel that Jay views Kendrick as a poor, manufactured imitation and one more palatable for the masses (READ: white people). My gut also tells me the tension probably goes back to Kendrick’s “Control” verse — remember, Jay was featured on the last verse and claimed he had no idea of Kendrick’s plans.

I hope all you guys are ready for the Kendrick-Jay Elec stan wars that will be all over social media for the next week. And let’s not rule out the small chance this maybe the “start” of a publicity run Jay is using to jump start the release of his debut album.

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