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[Live] Golovkin vs. Lemieux PPV Recap: GGG Carves Up Lemieux, Chocolatito Shines

Live notes from ringside.


GENNADY GOLOVKIN TKO8 DAVID LEMIEUX: First, let’s give Lemieux credit for his effort. That was one of the better Lemieux’s we’ve seen in the ring. Problem from him was that he was so severely outclassed it didn’t matter. The story of the bout was Golovkin’s jab, which was so razor sharp that it disrupted any confidence Lemieux had in his offense. The punch busted up Lemieux’s nose and opened up the right hands and hooks to the body. Golovkin still had to show his chin due to a few hard left hooks from the Lemieux, but the jab and movement strategy made this night much easier.

Speaking of movement, credit is due to Golovkin for his defense. He took a step back anytime Lemieux tried to blitz him, leaving the Canadian back in no man’s land where he was a sitting duck for more hard jabs.

“I feel like the referee called the fight too early,” said Lemieux in his post-fight interview. “I am fine. When he stopped it I wasn’t event on the mat, I can keep going.

I have a lot of respect for Golovkin as a fighter. We prepared well for this fight but I feel like I waited too long to take some shots tonight and that really hurt me.”

I want another chance at Golovkin and I will take advantage of it.”

Here’s referee Steve Willis’ take on why he halted the contest.

I had to do something

David is very competitive fighter and as long as he was able to throw punches he was going to keep on trying but his chances of winning were decreasing as the fight went on.

Against a guy(golovkin) like that he was going to get really hurt and I’m here to protect the fighters health and that’s my top priority

I couldn’t let him continue to receive punishment

I gave him every chance I could and i still hesitated too much. It was over.

: If you were skeptical about Chocolatito being anoited #1 P4P, this fight probably convinced. After feel out first round, Gonzalez went about dissecting Viloria with precision 4-5 punch combinations. His offense was so varied that Viloria couldn’t anticipate what was coming. A perfect example was Viloria getting dropped for the first time in his career via a short counter right. Gonzalez also showed his chin, as Viloria clocked with a few clean left hooks. The key to this fight was Viloria was never given a moment’s rest. He was either punching to keep Roman off him, or trying to protect his body from blistering power shots. By the ninth, Viloria’s resistance had greatly diminished and Gonzalez started to trap him on the ropes more frequently and unload. The ref wisely called the fight with no initial protest from Viloria.

“Roman is a tremendous fighter. I have nothing but respect for him,” said Viloria. “I had prepared for a different Roman and he surprised me with his defense and his speed. I do feel like the fight was stopped prematurely, I feel good and can keep going. If I had an opportunity to take him on again I would. I feel like I learned a lot today and would use that for the next time around.”

The big fight that matters now is a rematch between Gonzalez and Juan Francisco Estrada.

: The first KO of the night came from “King Kong” Luis Ortiz, who treated Vidondo like a pinata from the opening bell. Every time Ortiz’s southpaw straight left landed, Vidondo would be knocked backwards (it didn’t help that he pulled straight back). The first knockdown came in the second courtesy of a beautiful counter right hook. Vidondo walked right into the shot and toppled to the canvas. He survived the round, but was quickly dispatched early in the third from another straight left. Ortiz connected on 77% of his power shots (40/52). With a big puncher like him, that’s a recipe to get KTFO. The win now makes Ortiz the WBA interim heavyweight champion.

: Johnson was putting on an inside clinic through four rounds. He dropped O’Kane twice in the opening round off southpaw right hooks. To his credit, O’Kane recovered and spent the majority of the remaining rounds right in Johnson’s chest ripping shots. Unfortunately for the Irishman, his accuracy was woeful and Johnson was still landing the harder and cleaner shots. The judges rewarded Johnson’s better skill with wide scores of 118-108, 117-109 and 119-107. Johnson is now the #1 for the IBF title middleweight title just won by Gennady Golovkin.

LAMONT ROACH JOSE BUSTOS: This fight had a marked talent gap and Lamont Roach took full advantage. He rocked Bustos with a barrage of hooks in the fifth, but couldn’t notch the stoppage. Roach was able to switch-hit at times to equal effectiveness, driving home the depth of this mismatch. Scores were unanimous for Roach via 59-55 across the board.

“Bustos came to fight,” lauded Roach. “He was not backing down throughout the fight but I did not feel threatened by him. I feel like I dominated the fight and was giving him my all. I wanted to end the fight impressively via knock out but he has a strong jaw. This is my last six-rounder and will move up to eight rounds in my next fight, very excited to go there.”

MAURICE HOOKER SD GHISLAIN MADUMA:  Hooker was controlling Maduma with the left jab and scored a knockdown in the fourth off a straight right. But Maduma stormed back in the fifth by hurting Hooker with the same punch and being close to ending matters. Hooker survived but was more tentative down the stretch. In the end, the knockdown saved him as he won via scores 95-93, 95-94 and 95-93 Maduma.

“I think the fight went a good pace and Maduma was a good fighter,” Hooker reflected. “He came prepared to fight.I knew I had him from the first round when I hit him with my left.  By the fourth round, I grew confident that I was in the lead once I dropped him.  But I grew too confident I think and that is when he caught me by surprise in the sixth round.

I wasn’t as focused as I should have been so I made sure to listen to my corner and keep him at a distance with my jab for the remaining rounds.  I feel that I am ready for a bigger fight and feel confident I can make a statement at 140 pounds. I would love a shot at Broner or any Golden Boy Promotions fighter at 140 pounds, like Antonio Orozco, I can take him.”

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