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[Video/Photo Gallery] Adrien Broner vs. Shawn Porter L.A. Press Conference

Adrien Broner and Shawn Porter meet in Los Angeles...


Video Credit: Jeandra LeBeauf/

Photo Credit: Idris Erba/Mayweather Promotions

Next Saturday (June 20) fans will be treated to arguably the best Premier Boxing Champions main event thus far in Adrien Broner taking on Shawn Porter. Yesterday’s presser in Los Angeles was low on fireworks and trash-talking, but had some intriguing subplots. Broner refused to discuss the 144 pound catchweight (Porter claims it was Broner’s idea) and the two fighter have history by being Ohio natives and crossing paths during the amateur circuit.



I’m very blessed to be here. I’ve been through some things that would say I shouldn’t have been here today, but now I’m one of the biggest names in boxing.  

This is a big fight because Adrien Broner is on the card. No disrespect to Shawn and Kenny, but I’m coming to win and I’m going to win.

Even if it’s a hard fight, I’m going to win this fight. They say he’s strong, they say he comes like a bulldozer.  Whatever they bring to the table on June 20, I’m ready.  

I’m going to be the most powerful fighter on June 20th and definitely the prettiest fighter on June 20. Don’t blink or you’ll miss it.


I’m the strongest fighter that Adrien Broner will ever get into the ring with.

I know he’s got more fights as a professional than me but that doesn’t mean he’s got more experience than me. We do all our fighting in the gym, prior to the fight.

I’m still the same ‘Showtime’ Shawn Porter, I still have everything that I need to be great and come out victorious. Not being relevant after this fight is not an option.

Our first mindset isn’t going to be to bully him, but to outbox him and use our speed. I’m going to be better than I ever have.

I’ve learned a lot about how to not be held and how to get guys off of you. That’s part of the process and it will be important in this fight.

Everything has been going really smoothly and I’ve been strong this entire camp. It’s been great and it’s what you need going into a fight.

I haven’t looked at this as a catch weight, but as a weight class. My weight class is 144. Anything that he expects to gain from having me come down to 144, he’s not going to get it.

PBC has been a blessing for these fighters and boxing in general. With all the fights on television it’s just an honor to be a part of. There’s no clearer opportunity than now, on network television to show what I got.


MIKE STAFFORD, Broner’s Trainer

These guys know each other from the amateurs. It’s Ohio, so we are familiar with each other. I’m glad that they took the fight, I love Shawn, I love Kenny, but it’s business and we are here to win.


KEN PORTER, Porter’s Father & Trainer

This is the stage we all want to be on, the pinnacle of the sport. We have two elite fighters up here and I expect they will put on a performance that will be memorable throughout the summer and throughout the rest of the year.


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