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[Video] eMC ft. Pearl Gates – “Fly Thoughts”


“Fly Thoughts” is the first single off eMC’s upcoming album The Tonight Show. The clip is directed by PrimaCity TV and filmed between Germany’s Munich International Airport Visitor’s Park and New York City’s USS Intrepid Museum.

The Tonight Show is available for pre-order on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play. Guests include B-Real, Xzibit, Sadat X and Rosie Perez.


  1. Hyped for this release… I LOVED their last album ‘The Show’, also Masta Ace is always my top 5 DOA…

    The guest list on ‘The tonight show’ is very interesting, defo copping the album… But this single hasnt blown my mind, its dope, but I hope the album delivers more straight spitting…

    Also, Im hoping (like most Ace albums aswell as ‘The Show’) that it follows a theme/story throughout the album and it all connects…

    1. I can’t think of any project Ace has been involved with that’s been bad, but I’m thinking the chemistry on this eMC album might be a little off with Punchline’s departure.

      1. Schitt, I didn’t know Punch had actually left the group!!! That is definitely not a good look… Was there beef??? The last thing I heard from Punch was the ‘Underground Superstars’ album he done with DJ Soul Clap…

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