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[VIDEO] Kendrick Lamar “i”

The visuals for Kendrick Lamar's "i" takes the TDE general through a community in need of love and self-determination...


The visuals for Kendrick Lamar’s “i” takes the TDE general through a community in need of love and self-determination. We’re treated to scenes of incarceration, a suicide attempt and domestic violence. What is the hope that remains? Kendrick’s keeps the faith by keeping his mind free (represented by the dancing). The legend Ron Isley, whose music provides the sample, also makes a regal cameo. You can purchase “i” HERE.


  1. Wow, give credit where credit is due….Chris Jasper and Ernie Isley wrote the song and recorded the music, and told Ron what to sing….why is Ron getting all this credit for the song?

    1. Most songs are the result of 5-6 different people at minimum being involved. Ron being acknowledged here isn’t meant to imply sole credit — his appearance represents the song as the most visible face of the Isleys, and Kendrick is paying homage to the entire group’s legacy. Thanks for reading.

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