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[Video] Briggs Clowns Wladimir from Boat, Causes Fall at Sea


Lesson learned Wladimir Klitschko — you pour water on Shannon Briggs’ head and he’ll get his revenge at sea.

In the latest installment of this heavyweight version of “spy vs. spy,” Shannon Briggs happens to catch Wladimir Klitschko conveniently taking an afternoon paddling. Briggs taunts from a boat and creates a wake that drops Klitschko into the water, prompting Wlad to tell him he’s “crossed the fucking line.”

Yes, these encounters are clearly scripted. But tell me, aren’t these spats more entertaining and competitive than Wladimir’s recent opponents?


  1. Its just funny Wlad leisurely paddling away with not a care in the world, then Briggs is there going crazy shouting ‘call me the champ, champ, everywhere you go i go!!!’

    Reminds me off Mike saying Mitch Green used to turn up everywhere he went haha

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