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Mayweather on Maidana Rematch: “… I will be faster. I will be stronger.”


A little over month before he rematches Marcos Maidana, Floyd Mayweather is dually promising a more entertaining fight and a better overall performance on his end.

Mayweather, who won a majority decision in May over Maidana, cites his in-ring versatility as an edge his opponent won’t be able to match.

“I think that every time that Maidana has gone out and fought opponents, other opponents and even myself, he’s done the same thing,” said Mayweather. “Whereas out of the 45 that I’ve faced, I was able to do different things. I can box. I can counter punch. I can box on the move. I can counter punch on the move. The only way that he can fight is to slug.”

In the initial encounter, Maidanan used rough inside fighting and pressure to win early rounds and make the fight close going on into the latter half. Before the ninth, Maidana was ahead on one card 77-75, trailed 75-77 on the second, and behind 78-74 on the last card. Mayweather won three of the last four rounds on all judges’ scorecards to take the decision.

Mayweather’s only rematch to date was a 2003 unanimous decision win over Jose Luis Castillo. Their first encounter in 2002 was a bruising contest where Castillo found success muscling the smaller Mayweather and forcing exchanges. The ccontroversial nature of Maywather’s win prompted an immediate rematch where Mayweather adjusted by incorporating constant movement that made for less sustained action.

When asked if the Maidana rematch will run a similar course, Mayweather remained steadfast that the return will eclipse the excitement seen in their first bout.

“The first fight was action packed for the first four rounds before I took control. He has the will to win like I do,” Mayweather explained. “On September 13, I will be faster. I will be stronger. I will be a better fighter. This time around it will be a more exciting fight.”

Mayweather-Maidana II will take place at the MGM Grand and live on Showtime pay-per-view.


There are two things that need to happen for this fight to surpass what we witnessed in May. First, Mayweather would have to adopt the same exact strategy we saw from the first bout. And second, Floyd would have to be willing to let Maidana wear his custom-made Everlast MX gloves.

As of today, the possibility of either of those things happening is extremely low. Mayweather has already hinted that he’ll use different tactics, and since May he’s not wavered on the glove issue.

One of Mayweather’s pet phrases is “There’s nothing cool about taking punishment.” He now knows firsthand that Maidana is strong enough to bang in the trenches for 12 rounds. I’m expecting Mayweather’s adjustment to be some of the extended movement and pot-shotting we saw in the Robert Guerrero fight. Luckily, we have less than two months before we find out.


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