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[Video] K. Sparks – “Feminization”

What's your price?


With vocals from Dave Chappelle to drive the point home, K. Sparks addresses the black male image in entertainment through his provocative track “Feminization.” The song is produced by Fero Navi. The clip is directed by New Mask Media. K. Sparks gives more insight into his viewpoints below:

Within society the norm has become to follow trends. A constant trend that continues is African-American males in female clothing for mainstream agendas. Many individuals attempt to minimize the issue with the false claim this form of satire is merely a form of entertainment. However this form of entertainment continues to enlist African-American males at the forefront of the movement. A substantial number of African-American comedians, actors, and musicians willingly participate in this trend in return for monetary gain. K. Sparks addresses this issue while posing the proverbial question, what’s your price. Are you willing to go against your integrity in return for a pay check, or maintain your convictions in a society that teaches us diginity fails, but ratchetness and ratings prevail.

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