[Video] The Breakfast Club – Onyx Interview 7/31/14 (Unedited Fredro-Charlamagne Argument)



A routine Power 105.1 Breakfast Club interview with Onyx instantly became heated after Charlamagne made a slick comment about Fredro Starr’s past history with Brandy. For those who don’t remember, Fredro claimed on an ancient Forbes DVD clip that he had an intimate relationship with Brandy during their Moesha days. Fredro had since retracted the statement, but Charlamagne joking about it must have brought up some bad memories from that fallout.

Considering they’ve literally been in the game over 20 years, it’s somewhat shocking to see Fredro get that upset during an interview (especially considering whose show they were on). Sticky Fingaz was standoffish for most of the clip as well and that could be attributed to the overall downhill turn the interview took at Charlamagne’s comment.

The comment gets made at 5:30 and matters start unraveling at the 8:15 mark.

Charlamagne gives Fredro “Donkey of the Day” for 8/1/14


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