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[Video] Mayweather and T.I. Camps Brawl in Las Vegas

Chairs and fists were flying early Sunday morning when the entourages of Floyd Mayweather and T.I. came to blows at the Las Vegas Strip's Fatburger, allegedly over Mayweather's time spent with T.I.'s estranged wife Tiny.



— Mayweather grants Necole Bitchie an exclusive interview detailing the reasons for the fight.



Chairs and fists were flying early Sunday morning when the entourages of Floyd Mayweather and T.I. came to blows at the Las Vegas Strip’s Fatburger, allegedly over Mayweather’s time spent with T.I.’s estranged wife Tiny.

According to multiple eyewitnesses, T.I. approached Mayweather about his wife and a confrontation ensued. Sources differ as to whether a missed T.I. punch precipitated the brawl, but a grainy video shows Mayweather shielded by a hulking bodyguard as chairs go flying. In another clip, Mayweather is filmed hurling obscenities at T.I.’s camp.

At press time, the Las Vegas police department state only one man, a Fatburger employee, suffered minor injuries.

Tiny was part of Mayweather’s entourage for his May 3 fight against Marcos Maidana and in Las Vegas this weekend to celebrate the birthday of one of Mayweather’s daughters.

At press time, no parties have released a statement on the matter.


We all know someone was going to be brawling somewhere during Memorial Day weekend — this time it just happened to involve millionaires who should know better.

As an Atlanta resident, I can tell you it’s no secret that T.I. is highly protective of his spouse, estranged or not. There’s already rumors out about whether Tiny and Mayweather had past relations or not to cause Tip’s anger, but the main point that needs to be emphasized from this whole embarrassing incident is this…

Either get on the same page and work it out, or go your separate ways.

This is a good example of why being “married in name only” doesn’t work. If you’re still married to someone, you’re bound to that person and should act accordingly. When you start talking “breaks” and other types of gray area stances, you end up in situations where boundaries are blurred and perceived disrespect happens.

For once, Mayweather of all people may be the innocent bystander in all this. Considering the “Miss Jackson” fiasco just a few weeks back, I doubt he’d rebound by entering into a messy situation with a married woman.

Two rap “beefs” in less than a month for The Money Team. The Game would be impressed. 50 Cent sure is.

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