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Not Quite a Home Run: Rick Ross ft. Jeezy – “War Ready”

Rick Ross and Jeezy make peace with each other, but they have targets on new enemies...


Since a beef-squashing picture a few weeks back of these two former friends turned enemies surfaced, fans of Rick Ross and Jeezy have been waiting patiently for their “War Ready” collaboration. As implied by the title, Mike Will Made It’s production is in the sinister “trap” vein. Ross, while known for his keen production ear, takes a backseat here to a ferocious Jeezy who attacks the rhythms with energy and precision. Compared to his former foe, Ross almost sounds amateurish at times. Nonetheless, the weakest point here is the hook, which is a complete ripoff of Future’s “Shit” song.

A back and forth closing over the ending, slower beat change might have been in order to push this long-awaited song over the top. As it stands now, “War Ready” is a solid track, but not the epic, triumphant reunion most fans were hoping for.



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  1. Remember D-Block’s “2-Gunz Up”??? This is the fucking ‘get you amp’ed’ jam. Be wanting to go to war with them after listening to this.Accurate claim of solidarity.

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