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[Video] Fight of the Year Contender: Giovani Segura TKO12 Hernan Marquez

HERMOSILLO, SONORA, MEXICO -- There was a war down in Mexico Saturday night, and the participants were Giovani Segura and Hernan Marquez...


HERMOSILLO, SONORA, MEXICO — There was a war down in Mexico Saturday night, and the participants were Giovani Segura and Hernan Marquez.

Segura was in seek n’ destroy mode and spent the majority of the fight coming forward behind a stiff right jab and smashing home right and left hooks. Although Marquez was constantly on his heels, he executed superb counters with his straight left. A Segura counter left cross, followed by two right hooks, put Marquez down for an eight count at the end of round four. However, Marquez succeeded in stunning Segurain round five with several left hands and worked effectively inside during with sixth by mixing in uppercuts.

Rounds 7-9 were notable for the hard-punching of Marquez, who had Segura badly buzzed  at the end of the seventh by a right-left hook combination. Due to Segura’s pressure being slowed from the frenetic pace of the battle, Segura lingered at times in mid-range, allowing Marquez’s faster hands to be effective. Nonetheless, Segura still exacted a heavy toll with abusing body shots.

Segura slowly took back over in the championship rounds, utilizing good head movement to avoid Marquez’s dangerous left and ripping solid body shots. Segura’s jab also reemerged as a weapon to keep Marquez off-balance. Marquez landed two powerful left hands in the 11th, but Segura closed the round emphatically by putting Marquez down again with a right uppercut downstairs followed by an overhand left. Undeterred, Marquez rose to rock Segura with two straight lefts in the final 30 seconds.

Knowing he was down on the scorecards, Marquez brought the fight to Segura early in the 12th and finally succeeded in moving his bigger foe backwards. The tide turned on a dime at the 1:15 mark when Segura crashed home a counter left hook. The shot caught Marquez in the middle of a combination and he slowly collapsed until he was flat on his back, The ref did the obligatory count, but wisely called it off as Marquez couldn’t rise above his knees.

Marquez was stretchered out of the arena, The latest update is that he was coherent in the dressing room and thanked fans before leaving in an ambulance. He is believed to be suffering from dehydration.

Watch the entire fantastic battle courtesy of Sweetboxing below.

Note: Fight starts at the 32″17 mark


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