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The Godfathers (Kool G Rap X Necro) – “Trigga 4 Hire”

"The Godfathers album is about pure east coast lyricism over hardcore beats..."


Just in time for Halloween, Kool G Rap and Necro unleash another offering from their forthcoming collaborative album Once Upon a Crime (November 19). For those still wondering how these two got together, Nerco explains the partnership below:

The Godfathers album is about pure east coast lyricism over hardcore beats. Kool G Rap is the legendary godfather of all criminal street gangster rap, he invented most of what you see today and lyrically every dope emcee is inspired by him; including myself. On the flipside of that coin, you have me, the underground king of Death Rap and extreme hip-hop, nobody in the field gets more respect than me for brutal rhymes and hardcore production. Since we are both godfather’s of our own respective styles, this collaboration was a natural and overdue one.

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  1. Pre ordered the album the other week, gonna be siiiiiick… I’m glad G Rap didn’t sign with Maybach Music a while back, there was talk about it if Im not mistaken, when he dropped a mixtape with them I really felt one of my all time favourite rappers was gonna turn wack… Even though the beats Ross gets and the mafia like content would of suited him for a couple of tracks, but at the same time I smh at the thought of a watered down Ross rubbing shoulders with a rapper as raw as G Rap…

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