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[Video] Smif N Wessun ft. Junior Reid – “Solid Ground”

“I learned about reggae from my younger brother (Top Dog, of OGC) and my Uncle. They loved watching the Jamaican DJ sound clashes on TV. My Uncle would buy them all on VHS.” – Steele


Smif N Wessun have always utilized West Indian rhythms and themes in their music, but now the Duck Down veterans will take it a step further with the release of a reggae-based EP entitled Born and Raised (December 3).

Produced entirely by Beatnick and K-Salaam, whose past credits include Capleton, Sizzla and Buju Banton, the EP aims to “combine the tribal aesthetic of 1970s Jamaica with their trademark Hip-Hop sensibility.”

Can they pull it off? You can make an early prediction based on the below video for the first single “Solid Ground.” If you’re feeling it, support by pre-ordering HERE.



    1. Going on about 20 years from their debut so they’re getting up there in age (regarding rappers, at least). You’re talking about the shirt with the crown? That’s a spin of a Biggie image/ Looks like Ross on first glance.

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