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Mister Cee Allegedly Caught With Third Transvestite, Resigns from Hot 97

Today is my last day on Hot 97… I am good, I am safe, I am happy, I am blessed. But in reality, i kind of knew this day would come. – Mister Cee


After 20 years at New York’s seminal Hot 97, Mister Cee is resigning from the radio station after a video surfaced of the acclaimed DJ allegedly soliciting sex with another transvestite.

The video was posted earlier today on Twitter by a drag queen named Bimbo Winehouse.

If confirmed, the incident marks the third time Mister Cee, who has vehemently denied all previous allegations, has been caught engaging in solicitation. Earlier this year, he was arrested for soliciting a male prostitute, prompting an on-air intervention from his colleagues where Cee denied he was gay and the arrest charges. In 2011, Cee plead guilty to loitering for the purpose of engaging in prostitution. The prostitute was confirmed to be a then 20-year-old male.

Mister Cee’s resignation speech can be heard below.


This man needs help… badly. We are at a point in our mainstream society where alternative lifestyles are accepted in  many circles. Granted, that accpetance hasn’t exactly spread far into Hip-Hop culture. But in Cee’s case, the cat was out the bag back in 2011, no matter how much lip service he paid to the contrary. Even though he was clowning at times, Charlamagne’s comments to him back in 2011 were prophetic — “Be free, Mister Cee! Be free!” Translation — stop fronting.

Hot 97 stood by him for a long as they could. The man is a great DJ and Hip-Hop will forever be indebted to him for his work on that front and with the likes of Kane and B.I.G. Let’s hope he truly gets the help he needs.




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