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[Photos] The One – Canelo Media Workout Recap: “The weight is not going to be a factor.”


On Tuesday, Canelo Alvarez played host to media members for a live streaming workout from his training camp in Big Bear, California. After a two-hour workout, Canelo answered questions regarding the potential negative effects of the 152-pound catchweight, his well-documented stamina issues, and the “blueprint” he’s using in preparation for September 14. From appearances, Canelo doesn’t look to be over 160 so that’s a good sign he’ll should hit the catchweight without too much difficulty.

Speaking of “blueprints,” Golden Boy president Oscar De La Hoya was on hand as well and spoke about why he feels his 2007 loss to Mayweather holds the key to a Canelo upset.

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I remember the first time I fought in a fight like this, a fight of this magnitude, and how I excited I was. Fighting on Mexican Independence Day is such an honor. You know both guys are going to be in great shape and it is going to be an exciting main event. But I’m betting on my horse. I feel it could be time for the changing of the guard.

This is going to be a very interesting night of boxing, and definitely a memorable one. It’s already a record-breaking event and now we’ll see if it breaks the (pay-per-view) record. With all the social and media outlets out there, chances are that it might.”

 I mean, let’s go back to when I fought Felix Trinidad. When Bernard Hopkins knocked him out two years later, he said himself that my fight laid the blueprint. I feel I beat Mayweather. The blueprint is also there for Canelo. He has to be smart and work that jab.



I feel good about myself and can’t wait to get in the ring. I’m ready for this.

I’m working very hard and doing my job. Even though I’m young, I have a lot of experience. That’s why I asked for this.

This will be a tough physical fight, but I feel I have a lot of advantages. I am working on the things I can take advantage of.

Big Bear has been great. It is one of the greatest places to train. Even though it is a lot of work, I’ve been enjoying this camp. We’ve accomplished everything here that we set out to do.


On making the contracted weight of 152 pounds, two less than his normal fighting limit

The weight is not going to be a factor. I’ll be fine for the fight. It’s no big thing. Actually, I feel I’m ahead of the curve. I’m not worried at all. It (the weight) will come off and I will be fine.

Actually in some ways I’m in my best shape, or will be. Before I fought Austin Trout, I’d been off longer than I will be for this fight. I needed a lot of time to prepare for Trout. So, in some ways for this camp, my work has been easier.


Dealing with Mayweather’s experience and skill edge

I’ve always said that I’ve never fought to my potential but that’s because I’ve never had an opponent to bring it out. I feel that maybe Mayweather will be the one to bring it out.

I’m not coming just to fight, I’m coming to win.

I think a lot of people underestimate me, but those people are mostly critics, reporters. You never hear anything from the guys I fight. It’s only from those outside the ring that think I am beatable.

 This is a big day, an important time. It’s Mexican Independence day. I know I’ll have a lot of people there to support me.


What past Mayweather fights have prepared him best? 

I’ve studied tapes of the fights he (Mayweather) had trouble in, like those against Miguel Cotto and Jose Luis Castillo. I’m looking for ways to penetrate Mayweather’s defense like they did. Cotto had success, but couldn’t maintain it. I plan to maintain it.’

I don’t think it’s important to get off to a fast start and just win the early rounds. I want to win all the rounds. All the rounds are important, from the first to the last and I want to win them all.

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