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Matthysse’s Tour Cancellation Is the Best Move for Himself… and Garcia

Not only was Lucas Matthysse completely right in not participating in a press tour, he's also doing his opponent Danny Garcia a huge favor.


Yesterday’s announcement by Lucas Matthysse that he would be foregoing any participation a three city (L.A., New York, and a spot a Puerto Rico) press tour for his September 14 fight with Danny Garcia elicited a mini-controversy on Twitter and other boxing sites.

Fans were split down the middle, with those on the side of Garcia crying foul that their fighter, who for months was derided as being scared to face Matthysse, would have been ripped for neglecting media duties. Others went further to speculate that is was Matthysse who was afraid of the potential “mind-games” from Danny’s father, the outspoken and colorful Angel Garcia.

It’s all a bunch of garbage.

When this fight was announced late last month, it essentially came with a countdown. Unlike their main event counterparts, Floyd Mayweather and Canelo Alvarez, Matthysse and Garcia haven’t had the luxury to spend extra months getting their bodies and minds ready for the biggest fight on their careers. Not to mention, the presser requirements for Mayweather and Canelo have been wrapped up for several weeks now. Matthysse and Garcia have roughly six weeks (now five) to scramble together a game plan, sparring partners and other training requirements. Now we’re expecting them to both break said camps and start flying around the U.S. for press duties with a fight that essentially needs no hype?

In Matthysse’s case, with his camp being in his native Argentina, he’d be lodging an 11-hour-plus flight just to get to the U.S. Danny Garcia remained unsympathetic to this fact yesterday when he spoke on the matter to

We could have been the headliner somewhere else, but it’s great to be on an event as important as the one on September 14,because it could mean a lot of exposure for my career.I didn’t like the fact that Matthysse was giving excuses at the last-minute not to do the tour. The plans were to go to New York, Puerto Rico and Los Angeles.We were ready to go when everything went down. I guess it’s their way of doing things, but on September 14 they will see how I do things.

Yes, we’ve seen over his last few fights how Danny Garcia “does things.” His impressive wins over Erik Morales and Zab Judah attest to that. We’ve also seen how Matthysse handles business — just ask Mike Dallas, Olusegun Ajose and Lamont Peterson (if any of them happen to remember their clashes with the Machine). The only way to ensure we get the same version of these two junior welterweight killers is to let them train undisturbed. And if there has to be some direct coverage, why not go to them in their training camps via Showtime’s behind the scenes All Access show?

You want this clash to live up to the hype? You want to see Garcia and Matthysse at their absolute peaks? You want the tough Philly kid who walked through Amir Khan’s best to brutally blast him out? The one who retired Erik Morales? You want the monster who devoured Lamont Peterson and waged Fight of the Year warfare with Ajose? If the answer is an emphatic yes, you’ll live through not seeing manufactured staredowns in a few U.S. cities.

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