A Legendary Co-Sign: J.Cole ft. Nas – “Let Nas Down (Remix)” #MadeNasProud

May your idols never be your rivals...


This is big. J. Cole’s “Let Nas Down” track received a lot of attention when it leaked a week before THE Born Sinner LP dropped. Still basking in the glow of 2012’s Life Is Good, Nas returns to the booth to set the record straight on what he feels about Cole’s artistic ceiling. Nas rips it and also gives Cole the biggest cosign (sorry Jay) of HIS career. Remember, Nas was called the second coming of Rakim once upon a time, and he’s never spoken of younger emcee in the glowing terms he gives Cole on this one.

Whether you view Nas’ praise as lyrical hyperbole or agree with his assessment of Cole’s potential, you just know Cole was smiling ear to ear and doing backflips hearing this. May your idols never be your rivals…


[audio https://beatsboxingmayhem.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/j-cole-let-nas-down-remix-feat-nas.mp3]


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