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Donaire vs. Ridgondeaux in Jeopardy Over Drug Testing

It disappoints me that top fighters these days run from everything that will hold professional boxing integrity to the highest standard." - Nonito Donaire

Nonito Donaire, Jorge Arce

Nonito Donaire is threatening to call off his tentative plans to face Guillermo RidgonDeaux in a title unification match over Ridgondeaux’s alleged refusal to participate in anti-doping tests.

The fight, set for April 13 at Radio City Music Hall, was scheduled to have a New York City press conference with both fighters attending on Thursday (February 21). Donaire took to Twitter to state he will not attend the press conference or agree to the fight since Ridgondeaux will not submit to drug testing from VADA (Voluntary Anti-Doping Agency).

“Rigo’s team verbally agreed to VADA testing both online and in negotiations,” tweeted Donaire, who currently submits to year round VADA testing. “But now that the contract to start testing is in front of them, they are finding every excuse not to sign and delay the start of the testing. I have not signed my fight contract yet to fight him so I have no obligations to fight only him. It disappoints me that top fighters these days run from everything that will hold professional boxing integrity to the highest standard.”

Donaire went on to state that he will not entertain further negotiations with Ridgondeaux and will “immediately” start looking for other opponents.

At press time, Ridgondeaux has not released a statement.


I will always maintain that there is no excuse for any fighter to not take a drug test. If Donaire’s statements are true, he is well within his rights to turn down a fight from someone that may be punching him in the face while juiced on performance enhancing drugs.

With that said, this is the second big fight for Donaire that’s fallen through in the last few months. The Abner Mares failure can be placed solely on the Golden Boy-Top Rak feud. Ridgondeaux was the second best option. Who’s the third? Jonathan Romero holds the IBF super bantamweight title, so that may be Donaire’s best bet. The Filipino Flash would likely have an easy time with him, but it’s slim pickings unless he dares to make a jump to featherweight.

One other thing. It amazes me that after the debacle that was the Brandon Rios-Yuriorkis Gamboa negotiations, promoters still go forward with booking press conferences and other media obligations before a contract is signed.


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  1. im fed up of hearing big fights not happening, we (fight fans) talk more of fights been canceled/being called of or why such and such fight wont happen, then discussing the outcome of a big fight, its a joke…

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