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Ghostface Killah – “The Rise of the Ghostface Killah”

Wouldn't be surprised if this ends up being Ghost's best project since Fishscale...


Ghostface Killah, producer Adrian Younge and executive producer The RZA sound like they have a monster project on their hands with 12 Reasons to Die (April 19), if this first single is any indication. The album is purported to be a marriage of three sounds: 36 Chambers era Wu-Tang, Portishead and Ennio Morricone. And add-on to that the auxiliary material:

The album will be available in various configurations including a standard CD, a deluxe double CD with instrumentals and a mini comic book, plus a digital deluxe version with instrumentals and digital comic book, multiple vinyl formats and a cassette. To visually flesh out the dark and gritty world of Twelve Reasons, Soul Temple Records has partnered with Black Mask Studios to produce a 6-issue comic book series and collected graphic novel featuring striking visuals and an intriguing dual-narrative structure with contributions from a host of stellar comic book artists.

Wouldn’t be surprised if this ends up being Ghost’s best project since Fishscale.

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