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[VIDEO] RIP: Blaque’s Natina Reed’s Final Interview at Left Eye Music Festival

The final interview from Blaque singer Natina Reed, who was killed in a car accident on 10/26/12.

Earlier today, the sad news broke on Twitter that Natina Reed of the late 90s group Blaque was killed a car accident late Friday night. Contrary to those initial reports, Reed was not killed in a hit and run — the 32 year old singer was struck by a Honda Accord while walking on Lawrenceville Highway. The accident was reported by the driver and while an investigation is still pending, the driver is not expected to be charged.

The two surviving members of Blaque, Shamari Fears-Devoe and Brandi Williams, released a joint statement revealing the group had recently reunited and were working on a new music. An album had been worked on in 2005 that has never been released.

Blaque’s biggest hits were “808” and “Bring It All To Me.” Reed ventured out into acting in 2000, starring in Bring It On with Gabrielle Union.

Natina Reed is surivived by her 10-year-old son Tren Brown with DPG’s Kurupt. Below is herĀ final interview at the Left Eye Music Festival held in July.



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  1. daum what a shame, especially with son left behind… kind of eerie *spell check* her last interview being a left eye festival, being that she died in car incident… rip

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