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Amir Khan’s Dad Chides Sons for Car Thieves Beatdown

Here's a rare time when Worldstarhiphop would have come in handy.

There was one unexpected person who was not pleased at yesterday’s news of former champion Amir Khan and brother Haroon beating up six would-be carjackers. The brothers’ father, Shah Khan, has revealed that he criticized his their judgment in fighting over a vehicle.

Amir and Haroon were returning from a concert when their vehicle was blocked by an SUV filled with the would-be carjackers.

A witness to the incident claims when all parties exited their vehicles, one of the carjackers slapped Amir, igniting the fist-fight that left all six attackers unconscious.

While Shah is relieved that there was no serious injuries, he urged his sons to not endanger themselves in the future.

“I’ve told them it takes a bigger man to walk away. Let them have the car, Shah Khan told The Birmingham Mail. “In reality, if they wanted the car, they could have it. It’s insured.”

“You should walk away, turn away. It takes a bigger man to not get involved. But they are ok and everyone is ok.”
Here’s a rare time when Worldstarhiphop would have come in handy. I’m sure every parent out there can understand where Shah is coming from; you never want your children in any type of danger. What if one of those guys pulled a knife, a gun? You never know who you’re dealing with in the streets.
Amir might have just followed his Dad’s advice had one of those fools not slapped him. Asking a professional fighter to back down at that point is not happening. Stories like this are littered through boxing history with fighters, retired and active, having to lay hands on some foolish guy(s) who either didn’t know who they were dealing with, or worse, knew and thought they could get the better of a physical confrontation.
Run up on Amir Khan if you want to.

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