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Skyzoo – “Jansport Strings” [Prod. by 9th Wonder]

Skyzoo: "The idea behind Jansport Strings is not based on it being literal, but more so in the figurative sense..."

Remember Chi-Ali? Skyzoo sure does, as you’ll hear on this tribute to Chi and Jansport backpacks. To get the full meaning behind Skyzoo’s song, peep his explanation below. “Jansport Strings” is the lead single off Sky’s A Dream Deferred album, dropping October 2.

The idea behind Jansport Strings is not based on it being literal, but  more so in the figurative sense. As a kid in NY, the strings on your Jansport  bag were a sign of power and presence. Kids would steal the strings off of each  other’s bags and burn the tips to prevent getting robbed of them once they got  them. The song is a 3 minute auto-bio of me as a kid in Brooklyn and seeing more  than my friends and I had bargained for. In essence, my Jansport strings tied it  all together, seeing what we all saw and what it made us. The ending is a clip  from Video Music Box, the legendary NYC video show run by DJ Ralph McDaniels.  This episode in particular was the debut of Chi-Ali’s ‘Age Ain’t Nothin But A  Number’. Seeing that video that day on this episode of VMB made me start  rhyming. This clip was literally the moment that changed my  life.

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