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Skyzoo Previews New LP “In Celebration of Us”

Posted: January 11, 2018 by Ismael AbduSalaam in Music News
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Skyzoo is ready to kick off 2018 with his most layered and ambitious album to the date. On the aptly named In Celebration of Us, the Brooklyn emcee is addressing the many realities of being black in America, ranging from social protest and love to gentrification.

“On this album, I wanted to tap into the present, more so than any other album of mine as far as full projects. Music of the times is the best way to describe it” Skyzoo told Billboard. “From cultural appropriation and gentrification to police brutality and the irony of motives behind bigger motives, it’s an album that explores who we are and why we are where we are in society, as a people. What’s been done to us and what we’ve done to ourselves, mainly out of confused necessity, all while celebrating us in the process.

Conceptually, this is Ta-nehisi Coates meets Chappelle’s Show, The Autobiography of Malcolm X meets Black-ish, the case of Sandra Bland meets the birth of Air Jordans. It’s intense, and it’s beautiful. I’m honored to be able to give my take on our story.”

The album boasts production from !llmind, Apollo Brown, Daringer, Cardiak, Ave. Prod, Seige Monstracity,  Marc Nfinit, Tuamie and Arte Mitchell. In Celebration of Us drops on February 2.

Tracklisting For Skyzoo’s ‘In Celebration of Us’:

1. Everybody’s Fine
2. Sound Like…
3. Baker’s Dozen f. Raheem Devaughn

4. Crown Holder
5. Heirlooms & Accessories
6. Forever In A Day
7. Remembering The Rest (Interlude) f. WordsNCurves
8. The Purpose f. Kay Cola
9. Love is Love
10. Black Sambo
11. Parks & Recreation f. Saba Abraha
12. Collateral f. Jake&Papa
13. The Stick-Up Tape From “Menace”
14. Hoodie SZN
15. Honor Amongst Thieves



Apollo Brown and Skyzoo pay creative homage to the legendary Stretch and Bobbito in their new video “On the Stretch & Bob Show.” Four Brooklyn kids play the principals and engage in a mock interview before Skyzoo goes into his bars. The VHS style visuals are the last touch that helps transport you back to the 90s. The clip is directed by Isam Muhammad.

The Easy Truth in stores everywhere.


Let the trumpets sound for Apollo Brown and Skyzoo’s triumphant video for “Nodding Off.” This jazz-infused boom bap offering can be found on the duo’s 2016 album The Easy Truth. Go on and nod to it. The video is directed by Diego Cruz.


60 East recruits Skyzoo to reflect on the true meaning of friendship with “Enemies 2 Friends.” For East, his success has been the breeding ground for dissent amongst his ranks (“Jealously dwells wherever there’s achievement…”). Skyzoo takes a more confrontational approach, giving fair warning to those who have criminal intent on his wealth. (“The more you throw around the sooner they write you eulogy/ Try writing mine and it’ll be yours at the same time…”).

“Enemies 2 Friends can be found on 60 East’s free project 10,000 Hours: A Success Story, which you can download at


Before their new album (The Easy Truth) drops tomorrow, Apollo Brown and Skyzoo are joined by Joell Ortiz for the New York centered visuals of “A Couple Dollars.” The emcees extend their topics from police brutality to artistic ambition over Apollo’s signature soulful production. The video is directed by Diego Cruz.


The subways aren’t safe on the second single from Cole James Cash’s Street Champion (March 29). The Bay Area producer has created a concept project centered in the Street Fighter universe with “Subway Fights” being inspired by the Subway level of the Final Fight video game. The various vocal samples, including kicking off with the infamous NY 8-Ball jacket slap, are a great touch to immerse you in the gritty feel.

Street Champion will be dropping as a free project courtesy of Elite Squad Recordings and The Conservative Rap Coalition.


NYC is the backdrop for the first video off Apollo Brown’s off his latest project Grandeur. The Barrel Brothers supply the verses. The video is directed by Jay Brown.