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The Kelis Chapter is Closed: Nas – “Bye Baby” [Prod. by 40 & Salaam Remi]

Nas' "Life Is Good" album closer detailing his split from Kelis.

After previous lyrical allusions to his divorce from Kelis on tracks like “Strong Will Continue,” Nas finally lets loose all his pent up feelings on the cathartic “Bye Baby.” It isn’t a vicious “Ether” diatribe like some tastemakers had claimed. Instead, it’s a reflective piece that is at times critical of Kelis’ behavior, but also celebratory of the good times shared and their union’s crowning achievement, a healthy son. Kelis likely at times rolled her eyes and smiled at the various lines. Salaam Remi and 40 combine to sample Guy’s “Goodbye Love.” It’s a very smooth track that feels straight out the early-mid 90s. “Bye Baby” is a damn good way to not only close Life Is Good, but close a significant chapter in the life of Nasir Jones.

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