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Remembering the Greats: Tupac’s 1992 Malcolm X Dinner Speech [VIDEO]

Tupac honors Malcolm X's memory by challenging the black intelligentsia...


On what would have been Malcolm X’s 87 birthday, we take a look back on a Hip-Hop legend that he greatly influenced. 20 years ago, a young Tupac was asked to speak at a dinner honoring Malcolm’s life. Instead of a safe presentation, Pac choose to the challenge the black intelligentsia present to put action behind their words in engaging the youth. Some of Pac’s ideas were undeveloped (ie. his stance on higher education), but you can also see the hints of black nationalism and economic empowerment that were major concerns of Malcolm’s final years. Some questions to ponder. What would be Malcolm X’s opinion on the Hip-Hop generation and the music coming from it today? How differently, if any, would Hip-Hop culture view him had he lived?

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  1. cant check the video atm, but seen it many times, how many 19? year olds especially in hip hop would be able to give a speech like that now? pac was something else, him and malcolm are greatly missed… im sure malcolm would embrace certain artists, like jedi mind tricks, dead prez, tech, public enemy, lowkey etc… rip malcolm

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