Saigon ft. Jovan Dais – “Women Are The New Dogs” [VIDEO]

Posted: April 30, 2012 by Ismael AbduSalaam in Uncategorized
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There is an old theory that says women truly don’t want equality. What they want is the power they men hold while still retaining the benefits of their feminity. Saigon gives his view on that theory by arguing that women in 2012 have replaced men are the more “grimy” sex when it comes to cheating and overall deceptive behavior. Does Saigon have a point? This joint can be found on his latest mixtape Warning Shots 3.

  1. What is up with hip-hop? I’m seeing this trend where black men are gravitating to only having light-skinned or white chicks in their videos. Compound that with quotes from people like Lil Wayne, Young Berg and others who openly proclaim their disdain for dark women. Not Cool.

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