Nas “Daughters” [Prod. By No I.D.]

Posted: April 26, 2012 by Ismael AbduSalaam in Music News
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When a great emcee uses their personal lives for their art, great things are bound to happen. Look no further than Nas’ latest Life Is Good leak “Daughters,” an exceptional narrative on his struggles and joys raising a teenage daughter. The song pulls heavily from an embarrassing episode last year when Nas’ real life daughter Destiny was acting out on Twitter and Instagram. While this isn’t the first time Nas has discussed home life issues, it’s the first time Destiny has been the starring subject. What makes this such an effective song is how Nas ties her problems to his own missteps (some continued) as a parent. Destiny likely isn’t thrilled by this song, but one thing she can never doubt when listening to it is that her father loves her deeply.

When adding in Nas’ work over No ID’s “Ghetto Dreams” last year, it’s fair to say these two are magic in the booth. We know Premier is still waiting, but the idea of a Nas album executive-produced by No ID sounds tastier by the day.




  1. waterurseeds says:

    This fire… Nas really shines on these kinda beats… He need to defo school his daughter more, remember her saying She like thugs… He brave for putting it out there though, aint her Dukes Carmen? No wonder she got them tendencies… Teenage daughters Im dreading when the day comes lol

  2. Nas is tight. He’s not trying to coon like Lil wayne or Lil Jon.

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