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Glen Johnson’s Trainer: “Froch will be an easy fight…”

While most media and fans are expecting a back and forth war, Glen Johnson trainer Orlando Cuellar is expecting his fighter to have no serious problems in his Super Six semi-final matchup with Carl Froch.

While most media and fans are expecting a back and forth war, Glen Johnson trainer Orlando Cuellar is expecting his fighter to have no serious problems in his Super Six semi-final matchup with Carl Froch.

Cuellar, who’s trained the Road Warrior since his 2003 victory over Eric Harding, says observers can expect the same tenacity that Johnson exhibited in his first fight against Chad Dawson in 2008. Cuellar also believes Johnson has distinct advantages over Froch athletically and technically.

“For us, Froch will be an easy fight. If Glen did as well as he did against Chad Dawson, we believe he should do very well against Froch,” Cuellar explained. “Froch isn’t as fast or mobile as Dawson. Glen has faster hands and feet. He has better body work and better defense. The only advantage Froch has is age and Glen has shown he’s only gotten better with age.”

Johnson will be fighting at super-middleweight (168) for only the second time in 11 years. Last November, he knocked out Allan Green in eight rounds and showed no adverse effects at the new weight. With the adjustment period now over, Cuellar expects Johnson to be even sharper for Froch.

“This is our second training camp at 168 lbs and he’s a lot more used to it,” he said. “The first time around was the first time in years he made 168 and we were all anxious to see how he would perform. This time around, we have the momentum from the previous fight and we realize how well what we did worked and we’re employing the same techniques. We’ve just made a few adjustments to the style of Froch. My mentality is if you can do it in training, you can do in the fight. Judging by that, we are expecting him to look very good. I’ve always believed Glenn would be at his best at super middleweight. He is going to be amazing on June 4.”

“He’s a low maintenance guy. Glen is an old-school fighter who works hard. He’s a real pro who is easy to work with. We do bag work, sparring, regular gym work and then we work on shots that our opponent may give up as far as holes on his defense. We explore ways we can confuse his defense and hit him with shots he doesn’t see coming… The fight won’t go the distance. Glen will win by KO. I’m sure of it.”

Showtime will air Froch-Johnson on June 4 at 9 PM ET.

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