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Bernard Hopkins Dismisses Donovan McNabb’s Blackness: “He’s got a suntan. That’s all.”

Today, Hopkins' comments hit the national media via a quote to the Philadelphia Daily News stating that McNabb's "privileged childhood" is the reason he's not "black enough" or "tough enough." Furthermore, he states that McNabb has a "suntan" and isn't really black.
Photo Credit: Luc Grenier

Bernard Hopkins has been a vocal critic of Donovan McNabb going back to when the latter was a quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles. Some of those comments over the years have been about McNabb’s alleged lack of mental toughness on the field. Others, like when I interviewed B-Hop back in 2009, criticized McNabb for being a house Negro. Today, Hopkins’ comments hit the national media via a quote to the Philadelphia Daily News stating that McNabb’s “privileged childhood” is the reason he’s not “black enough” or “tough enough.” Furthermore, he states that McNabb has a “suntan” and isn’t really black. Mighty convenient for this to go national just a week out from his championship rematch with Jean Pascal. Below you can check out ESPN’s coverage/outrage at Hopkins’ comments.

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  1. I will have to check the video, Ive never herd McNabb talk or seen him act, so cant comment on him… But I think BHop is losing the plot abit over the years, I have seen giving strange interviews as of late… Having A good upbringing doesnt effect you ethnicity, the mentality your not ‘gangsta’ enough to Be black is crazy… Barrera was tough as nails, He came from A well off family as did I believe Leonard… Theres probably loads real gangsters (not gangstas) and top flight boxers who have had good upbringings

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